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What the Program Is: 

The AFWA Philadelphia Chapter Mentoring Program provides students with insight into a career in accounting. It achieves this by providing students with the opportunity to interact with established accounting professionals and past student mentees who are also AFWA members.

The purpose of the program is:
• to provide students with more knowledge about the accounting profession
• to grow as an aspiring professional
• to learn about the various pathways that are available to accounting majors
• to perfect the finishing touches needed to become the ultimate professional
• to gain insight on what employers look for with a graduating student
• to begin to form their network with other accounting students
• to establish new friendships 


Who is Eligible to Participate?

The AFWA Philadelphia Chapter Mentoring Program is open to college seniors and current student members of AFWA who wish to become mentees.

The mentor should have three years of practical accounting or accounting-related business experience and be a Regular member of AFWA for at least one year. The mentor should be familiar with the Philadelphia Chapter AFWA members and some of its activities. 


How the Program Works:

College seniors and student members enroll in the mentoring program by completing the enrollment form. Students are then matched with an AFWA professional member according to the student's primary area of interest. Whenever possible, arrangements are made for the student and mentor to be as close geographically as possible, for easier communication and personal meetings and activities.

Students and mentors may join during the enrollment period, which begins on Student Night and ends December 31st each year. The program ends in June of each year at the AFWA June Installation of Officers and Directors and Past President's Meeting. At this meeting, students and mentors will have an opportunity to discuss their events and activities, and complete a post-program evaluation form to assess the program and suggest how it can be improved.

Mentors with their mentees are required to attend at least one AFWA Regular meeting or event together by May 31st each year.



Guidelines and Suggestions for Mentors:

• Be available to answer questions.
• Share with the student what you wish you had known when you were starting out.
• Communicate at least once each month, more often if possible.
• Let your student know about times that will be particularly busy, such as when you are meeting deadlines or closing an issue.
• Try to arrange for the student to spend part of a day with you at your office to see the operations and to see you in action.
• Take the student to lunch and maybe have some others from your organization join you to toss around ideas.
• Offer honest critiques of your student's materials. Be truthful.
• Take the time to get to know the student. Arrange informal sessions outside the office.
• Spend time reviewing resume and other pertinent materials.
• Set up a mock job interview. • Share stories about how you got to be where you are.
• Discuss how to effectively network.
• Be honest and realistic about working life.
• Encourage your student to publish pieces before graduation.
• Discuss current industry happenings and stress the importance of being knowledgeable in their area of expertise.
• Review resources for career building and job seeking.
• Discuss classes or programs you found helpful.
• Take the student to another networking or volunteer event that you may be involved.


Mentor Application

Mentor Application in Excel format(37kb)  

Mentee (Student) Application  

Mentee Application in Excel format (38k) 







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